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Clean Moves: Safety Standards & Sanitary Relocation Practices

Household Goods, COVID-19, Moving Services

COVID19 has rapidly altered our immediate concerns on mobility, employment and workplace safety.

Relocation activity is expected to see a domestic upsurge and an international decline in the post-COVID19 world as businesses deploy new Talent Mobility standards and focus on the new Talent-Location Paradigm. These relocations will come with an enhanced eye towards Health & Safety.

With this transformation, HR leaders will need to look at relocation best practices as they consider movement of their talent over the next 18-24 months.

What can HR leaders expect as the new standards of Clean Moves for relocating employees and their families?


Household Goods



        • Use of non-contact greetings
        • Limited crew interaction & social distancing
        • Crew health screening
        • Regular hand washing
        • Wearing gloves at all practical times
        • Face mask protection
        • Utilizing only new material and clean furniture pads
        • CDC Guidelines for decontamination protocols in all
        • Temporary storage facilities





        • 5-Day Traveler Prescreen:
          • Are any family members in your household sick or have been sick within the past 15 days?
          • Have any of the family members in your household travelled internationally within the past 15 days?
          • Have any family members in your household travelled domestically to high exposure regions according to the CDC website in the past 15 days?
        • Air-travel booked on airlines with PPE standards
        • Enhanced Service Contact and Consultation for all logistics
        • Temporary housing needs with CDC Guidelines and standards for cleaning






        • Online tools, digital signatures, POA's and virtual closings
        • In-person meetings with social distancing and PPE standards
        • Social distancing and PPE for inspections and appraisals
        • Post-inspection cleaning to CDC Guidelines
        • Pre-closing cleaning and sterilization


Tiffany Crozier

Written by Tiffany Crozier

Tiffany has been the Vice President of Client Services since 2006. She specializes in policy consulting, benchmarking and quality initiatives.

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