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How Relocation Can Boost Your Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Employee relocation programs are often an area that many don’t associate with having relevancy to diversity and inclusion. However, they can be a critical driver to providing equality for every employee tier level within a company to obtain a higher position within the company.
Relocation Services

When a job is posted in another location there may be many internal candidates who are qualified for the position but may feel like they don’t have the financial means to move to the new location. While the position might offer a higher compensation package once in the role it doesn’t help the candidates who need financial assistance upfront. The lack of relocation assistance on a job posting may be resulting in denying a percentage of the internal workforce opportunities to improve their role within the company.

Budget friendly relocation packages can be the answer to overcoming this challenge. Offering benefits such as closing costs on selling a home, deposits for renting an apartment, and the transportation of household goods can help an organization become more equitable in their talent management and diversity programs.

Further, not only will an employee relocation program help foster a culture of growth and development, but it has also been used strategically for increasing employee engagement and retention across the organization.

So, how does a company get started? It begins with a consultation with CRI. Once we fully understand your talent management and diversity goals, as well as your budget and cost structure, we can craft a relocation program for you that meets and exceeds those goals.