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Meet our President's Award Winner Chance Morsey

Each quarter we put a spotlight on one of our team members who exemplifies our dedication to service and our core values. This quarter’s President’s Award recipient is Chance Morsey, Expense Management Manager.

Chance Morsey - CRI

An incredible asset to the CRI team, Chance brings 33 years of accounting and expense management experience in the relocation management industry.

Chance joined CRI during the April 2022 acquisition of the domestic portion of Crown Relocations. He spent 17 years at Crown and was previously employed by Cartus Relocation for 16 years, totaling his impressive 33 years of experience.

“I actually started out in the (Cartus Relocation) mail room and then worked my way into accounts payable,” says Chance. “I worked at every level of accounts payable and then moved to the wire desk and then to expense management.”

We talked to Chance about what’s behind his strong work ethic and his endeavor to streamline and improve the overall client / employee experience.

Q & A:

What components make up a good team?

I think it’s really important that everyone on the team understands what I call the “downstream impact” of their roles. Many large companies operate by having roles that are more “silo based” where the team members understand what they are doing within their role but don’t really understand the overall impact that has on other departments. My philosophy and management style differs in that I think it’s important for the team to understand how every department is intertwined. For example, when our (accounting) department processes expense reports, that action directly impacts the service results of our relocation consultants. It’s important to have these case examples so that there is buy in from the team regarding this philosophy.

What are three critical traits a client should look for in a relocation management company?

I would say service, technology and integrity.

Besides the importance of user experience, the technology is critical so that we can provide accurate reporting. It’s going to have a direct impact on turnaround times and measuring KPI. The integrity aspect is also very important, especially since I look at things from the financial side. Many companies often outsource a lot of the financial components, creating a risky environment and more opportunities for mistakes. At CRI, we strive to do everything in house, even as we scale up, because it’s important to us that we don’t lose control of those financial functions.

If you could relocate anywhere, where would that be?

Santa Barbara, California

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The good advice I’ve received came from my parents. They were big on work ethic. In general, it was to work hard, stay honest and everything else will work out.

What’s the bad advice? Stay away from Bitcoin!

What are you excited about?

Personal assistance work is my life. Some of the account managers have learned not to ask me about payroll. My passion bleeds over about it. I’m very into my job.

We also have some groundbreaking things on the horizon regarding the payment process and technology that will speed up the processing times. This technology is new to the industry and although it’s a lofty goal, it will be one of the initiatives our team will be trying to tackle in 2023. We are excited to see how that all shakes out.