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Meet our President's Award Winner Leisa Ross

Each quarter we put the spotlight on one of our team members who exemplifies our dedication to service and our core values. This quarter’s President’s Award recipient is Leisa Ross, VP of Business Development. 

Leisa recently celebrated five years with CRI this last May. Before joining CRI, she spent the previous 20+ years in the temporary housing segment of the industry where she worked closely with CRI for six years.

When she was ready to make a career change, CRI came knocking, and created their first ever sales position just for her, setting CRI up for growth.

“It was just me and my Excel spreadsheet. We didn’t even have a CRM,” says Leisa. “And for three years, I was the only salesperson!”

We “sat down” with Leisa, working from her home office in San Diego, and chatted about all things CRI, and beyond.

Q & A:

What components make up a good team?

Our team is small, but we’re very collaborative. Many sales teams can be competitive. We are different; we share ideas, we lean on each other, we trust each other. We are SUCH a great team.

How would you describe CRI’s company culture?

It’s completely changed in the last two years. Since (our CEO) Anthony joined (two years ago), things have changed 1000%. We are very progressive. I think with Anthony, Karen and Carlos coming from another industry, they see things in a different way, with fresh eyes, and have ideas that are innovative.

What are three critical traits a client should look for in a relocation management company?

I would say number one is service. Look at their Google ratings. They are unsolicited, written by the actual employees who experienced the move. You can’t manipulate these reviews, so they are truthful.

Number two would be the overall experience provided to client and relocating employee. Since Covid, this focus on employee experience has moved to the top of the list. These days, both prospective and current employees are weighing their options, and a good relocation program must be competitive. And now, this younger generation is savvy, and they are comparing what companies are offering in relocation packages. It’s become the tipping point.

Number three would be the model of the company. Are they supply chain managers who just add a fee on top? Or do they have an ecosystem like we do? Where we control the price, the service…we are managing the entire process.

Also, a company can have a great technology platform, with all the bells and whistles, but at the end of the day, a relocation company is an extension of HR, it’s a people business. A computer cannot do for you what a live person to do, helping guide you and steer you down the right path.

Where would you relocate to?

I love San Diego! It’s a hard place to leave. In the past, we have thought about leaving but we haven’t found another place we like as much.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Wear Sunscreen!

What are you excited about?

My Peloton bike. I just did my 820th ride. I got the bike during the early days of Covid and it is STILL hard. I love the motivational instructors. I’m not centered unless I do my bike ride, which I do at night.

I’m also excited about where CRI is going right now. A lot of the seeds I planted years ago are coming to fruition now. It’s nice to see the rewards. With our new leadership, you must be open to change. Hang on, because we are GOING! It’s what companies must do in order to keep up in relocation. You (as a relocation company) have to be constantly changing, because the industry is constantly changing. It’s a competitive environment out there with a lot of salespeople selling relocation services. Although I don’t know everything about relocation, I have a team that knows what I don’t. Clients are also much more comfortable seeing a team as part of the process rather than just one person in charge.