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Successful Relocations are Driven by Empathy

employee relocation

We all know moving can be one of life’s biggest stressors. Add in on-boarding into a new job, relocating employees are faced with many adjustments all at once.

As mobility specialists, our goal is to not only seamlessly manage the logistics and tactical concerns of a relocation, but to also ease your employee’s adjustment and integration into your organization. Delivering a smooth transition with a “people-first” approach is key to optimizing the experience for your relocating employees and their families.

Here are 4 ways we create a “People First” relocation experience:

Simplified Service

All relocating employees have a single point of contact for their entire move. That’s one person they deal with throughout the entire process that knows their company’s relocation policies like the back of their hand and can help them navigate everything from home sale/home purchasing to moving their goods and getting their expenses squared away.


Investing in the experience 

We don’t point your employees to a DIY moving app to figure out their move on their own. Our relocation experts spend the time to learn about your employee’s needs, counsel them on their relocation policy and best practices to mitigate stress on the family.


"I didn't wonder one thing, because I knew everything that was going to happen because they told me every step."

- Kristi Ardissone, Relocating Spouse




Delayering to keep costs down

Across the board we don’t allow third-party fee stacking, we provide full-audit transparency and have the flexibility to adapt cost to changing business dynamics.


Accountable to our clients

The entire relocation process, from household goods to temporary living, is managed in-house allowing our team full control over the process. Our accountability over the relocation experience is the only way to ensure the highest quality move for your relocating employees.

According to a recent survey, it takes Americans an astounding 182 days on average to unpack their last box after moving to a new house. And that's just the average. Many times, this delay is caused by the total stress of coordinating a relocation and the move itself. The first few weeks for any new hire are critical as they adapt to their new role. Having a successful move and positive first experience with your organization results in less stress for the employee and a more efficient company integration.


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