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CRI’s Secret? Our People-First Approach

After over 30 years in the business, CRI has helped hundreds of employees and their families put down new roots all over the world. Being part of an industry that manages “life-altering” corporate relocations inspired us to assemble a team that is as committed as they are compassionate, adept at resolving simple issues, more complex challenges, and everything in between. Our company-wide goal ensures a smooth and stress-free relocation process for all parties involved.

Many of our competitors tout technology as their preferred communication tool during the relocation process, and while there is no debating the importance of good technology, CRI believes that nothing beats the one-to-one interaction our team provides. Real time responses to real time issues are paramount to our low to no stress relocation goal, and fortifying the employee/consultant relationship ensures better, more efficient communication, resulting in an overall streamlined relocation process.

Our “people forward” approach to relocation management has positioned CRI as a premier provider and industry innovator, and we strive to exceed our already-exceptional standard of customer service. We require the same dedication of all our contracted partners (moving companies, real estate companies, etc.) as we work in tandem during each relocation, engaging in constant communication regarding our pending and in-process relocations. Having a unified team greatly reduces the opportunity for issues and claims, and our reviews convey that success.

CRI’s high standard of service is maintained through our policy of 100% transparency in all our relocations, a practice that builds trust between us and our clients. These testimonials speak to the cohesiveness and agility of our entire CRI team. We are proud to share what our clients and their employees have to say about us:

“Rich, Josh & Jose were absolutely amazing to work with. They each were so helpful, careful, and thorough over the last two days. They truly made this move a great experience. I appreciate it! “

“Chris and his team were great to work with – very professional, showed up early, finished early, and great communication throughout.”

“The movers were really excellent. I’ve moved a few times and I’ve never had a better crew. These guys were really stellar.”

“I want to add a special note to thank YOU. With so many moving parts (literally) through this process, you have been a fantastic constant. Any parts that you were dealing with we had zero stress over as we knew they were in good hands. Your proactive communication was very much appreciated. As we were dealing with our move and going back over everything to ensure all was in order we joked that ‘we don't need to worry about that, Steve's got that!’ for any part you were in charge of. Thank you!”

“Where should I start…Hector and his team were amazing. I have done one corporate move prior to this in 2010 and this process was the gold standard! Hector and his team arrived on time or early every morning, he communicated what they were going to do and did it every step of the way. No matter what my wife or I asked of him, his answer was always the same…No Problem. I would recommend Hector, his team and your team to anyone. This has been a very professional and easy move.”

"You gave us 5-star service throughout. Your follow up is as good as it gets! Moving is tough as it is, you made it relatively painless, except for the redecorating part, which we’ll figure out, eventually!”

Let CRI show your company how efficient and effective the relocation process SHOULD be -  Contact us today.

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