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From Hire to Retire…Corporate Relocation International (CRI) Launches Comprehensive Service Programs

At CRI, delivering exceptional relocation solutions is not just our founding principle; it's the driving force behind everything we do. As our clients evolve their hiring strategies, we are right there to support their efforts with a vast array of services designed to empower their employees at every stage of their career.


Despite CRI’s initial presence as a relocation company, we have discovered that our services often extend beyond the conventional relocation scenario. In fact, contrary to the misconception that Relocation Management Companies solely facilitate employee moves between point A and point B, the true potential of RMCs is far-reaching. With our expanded programs, CRI can provide multifaceted support to companies, equipping them with the tools required to attract top-tier talent, designing retirement benefits that support retention and succession strategies, fostering client growth in emerging markets through group move solutions, and carefully overseeing the development and execution of these initiatives.


In essence, when our clients are faced with workforce issues, especially the impending mass retirements anticipated in the next decade with Peak 65, CRI becomes the dependable solution provider, leveraging our expertise and resources to help them overcome any obstacles.


Direct Bill Travel Platform

One of the most stress-inducing aspects for candidates or relocating employees is arranging travel itineraries while waiting on reimbursements to cover the large out-of-pocket expenses. With the support of our partners and a cutting-edge travel booking platform, we can now build candidate and employee programs for our clients that require zero out of pocket expenses.


Senior Move Management Services

CRI is bringing our Senior Move Management services to the corporate world to support client Elder Care initiatives and bring out of the box solutions to succession planning. From "rightsizing" to settling-in, we can build custom programs to support your retiring population as they transition to the next phase of life, and guide them every step of the way.


“We know that during these pivotal stages in an employee’s career, disruptions are plentiful, and it’s CRI’s job to minimize them, making the road to new opportunities smooth and trouble-free,” says Anthony Horton, CEO of CRI. "Our expanded service offerings will provide an even more seamless and efficient relocation experience for everyone involved."


About CRI:

CRI is a nationally recognized Relocation Management Company known for providing exceptional relocation solutions for candidates, employees, and organizations around the world. With an extensive range of services that include employee relocation, group moves, benefit consulting, Senior Move Management services and more, CRI is an industry leader in HR and Relocation Benefit program development and implementation.


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