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How CRI is Helping Our Clients Navigate through the SEC mandate

SEC Human Capital Mandate

We have partnered with David Simmonds, Chairman of HCM Metrics and the HR Analytics Group. HCM Metrics is recognized as the leading global expert on HCM reporting regulations and standards.

David is the first accredited Lead Auditor for ISO 30414:2018 Human Capital Reporting in the world. It is the first International Standard that allows an organization to get a clear view of the ROI of its human capital. Read more about David and HCM Metrics here.

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The Guiding Principles of ISO 30414:2018 support the delivery of evidence-based measures.  This  means an organization has insights that lead to better decision making.


Having standard measures across the same sectors means it is easier to compare organizations and provide valuable insights for stakeholders. The important aspects of an organization are identified and provide consistency and ease of understanding. Board members and stakeholders have clarity and transparency in order to govern the business correctly. To facilitate a common understanding of reporting requirements, the standard clearly delineates 11 Core Areas of Reporting.


With the help of our new partners at HCM Metrics, we put together a comprehensive guide on Navigating the SEC's Human Capital Disclosure Requirements available to you now.

Access it Here

Related to Recruitment, Mobility & Turnover, we believe that mobility is a critical element of HCM Reporting:

  • Slow-moving or ineffective recruitment can be a bottleneck to growth Cumbersome processes and over-stretched teams or unrealistic expectations can make the job of filling vacancies longer and more costly
  • Poor candidate experience leads to a negative effect on employer brand.
  • Timely and successful recruitment delivers many benefits to your company’s performance
  • Effective recruitment leaves you well placed to take advantage of new organizational opportunities
  • Streamlined, efficient recruitment processes deliver higher-quality, more engaged people, providing a competitive advantage that directly impacts on the bottom line
  • Poor or slow recruitment can increase attrition rates, with the risk of stress and disengagement amongst current workforce
  • It can lead to high turn over resulting in lower productivity and poor morale 


The bottom-line is, mobility and relocation impact recruitment and retention dramatically. Poor mobility results in stagnation and poor performance.


As a result, we have developed and are making available to our Clients, a detailed report to provide metrics on external relocations as part of talent recruitment and internal relocations of talent (by policy group).


guide to navigating human capital disclosure requirements

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