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Navigating Domestic and International Relocation Programs

In today’s competitive talent market, companies are scrambling to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One effective strategy HR teams are utilizing is the promotion of a robust corporate relocation program. Beyond its obvious appeal to job candidates, a well-appointed relocation benefits package also serves incumbent employees relocating to different company locations.

In today’s competitive talent market, companies are scrambling to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One effective strategy HR teams are utilizing is the promotion of a robust corporate relocation program. Beyond its obvious appeal to job candidates, a well-appointed relocation benefits package also serves incumbent employees relocating to different company locations.

A versatile, comprehensive relocation program is a winning solution for talent mobility woes, especially for HR departments as they assess the efficacy of their existing relocation programs. Tasked with prioritizing the diverse and evolving needs of their employees while staying aligned to their company's financial objectives, HR teams bear a sizable portion of responsibility in maintaining this delicate balance, which can be especially difficult during the current volatile economic climate.

Optimizing your relocation program is an excellent way to safeguard against talent and economic challenges, and partnering with a Relocation Management Company (RMC) can greatly enhance the resiliency of your program. The guidance and experience RMCs provide lead to improved employee engagement, fewer internal administrative burdens, and greater overall success in the competitive talent acquisition market.


The Nuances of Relocation Services 

The relocation process adheres to a comprehensive approach aimed at safely and securely settling the employee into their new environment, all while aligning with the employer’s goals and objectives. RMCs play a vital role in this process, bringing essential logistical and cost management expertise necessary for achieving optimal outcomes.


Household Goods Moving 

Delivering tailored solutions is a big part of an RMC’s job, and this is especially critical in the heavily-coordinated household goods moving process. Through partnerships with reputable, proven suppliers, RMCs can exert greater control and oversight of the entire shipping process, enabling effective resolution of common issues encountered during household goods shipments.:

  • Move Management: Dedicated move coordinators are assigned by RMCs to each employee, acting as their primary liaison during relocations. These move coordinators communicate directly with a trusted network of providers that includes van lines, small move providers, auto carriers, pet transport services, and storage facilities. Through these relationships, claim rates are lower, communication and response times are quicker, accountability increases, invoicing is more accurate, and employees experience greater peace of mind.

  • International shipping and freight forwarding: Partnerships with reputable international moving companies ensure the safe and efficient shipment of household goods all over the world.

  • Cost-management strategies: By negotiating competitive rates with an established network of vendors for all aspects of the move, RMCs are able to pass these savings on to their clients.

Real Estate Services

The benefit of providing reputable Real Estate services is immeasurable during any relocation, especially for employees seeking a new home in a completely foreign location. In these circumstances, RMCs are incredibly adept at assessing the employee’s needs, reducing a significant amount of stress by assisting with property purchases, sales, and rentals. These integral services include:

  • Home Sale Program Administration: RMCs manage home sale programs designed to help the employee sell their home in the most efficient, advantageous manner possible. Funded by the employer, these programs include Buyer Value Option/Amended Sale (BVO), Guaranteed Buyout Offer (GBO), or Direct Reimbursement, all of which are implemented by RMCs and certified relocation agents experienced in relocation-based home sales.  

  • Home search assistance: Whether they’re renting or buying, RMCs assess the employee’s specific needs and preferences and use this data during the home-search experience.

  • Temporary housing solutions: Whether employees need a short-term solution while searching for a permanent home or require extended temporary housing, RMCs arrange these options through their network of partners.

Destination Services

Settling into an unfamiliar city is a huge adjustment, and destination services are a way RMCs can help employees (and their families) easily adjust to their new environment. From touring prospective schools to finding local doctors, destination services enable employees to “plug into” their new community with confidence and efficiency.

  • Community familiarization tours: Employees and their families can explore their new surroundings and the local amenities and services with knowledgeable guides.

  • School enrollment assistance: Tours are arranged, and once a school is selected, the employee can proceed with the enrollment process accordingly.

  • Spouse/partner career assistance: Resources and support that are specifically tailored to help spouses or partners find employment opportunities in the new location.

  • Culture and Language Training: Cross-cultural and language programs can be offered in-home, in-office, or virtually, through the RMC’s community of vendors. Custom curriculums can also be created for families, as well as for specific or highly specialized industries.

Tax and Immigration Assistance

Adding to the increased level of complexity of international moves is the daunting process of securing visas and work permits, and all the tax implications that come with working abroad. The guidance and expertise of an RMC can alleviate many of the burdens that accompany international relocations, allowing for a smooth and successful transition for your employees. Here’s how an RMC can assist with this challenging process:

  •  Immigration assistance: Employees are guided through the visa application process, ensuring all necessary documentation is collected and submitted accurately.

  • Global tax services: Employees are connected with tax professionals who can advise them on tax implications in their new home country.

Streamlining Domestic & International Relocation

Regardless of how many miles are traveled, an effective relocation program centers around exceptional planning and communication. The knowledge, experience, and foresight RMCs bring to the process underscores this success. Factors attributed to successful relocation programs include:

  • Early Planning: Start well in advance, especially for international moves involving visas and shipping. A dedicated relocation team can create a detailed timeline to keep everything on track.

  • Clear Communication: Keep employees informed throughout the process, domestically or internationally. A communication plan ensures they understand available resources and relocation steps, reducing stress and providing security.

  • Ongoing Support: Relocation is just the beginning. Destination services can help employees (and their families) integrate into the new culture and community, domestically or internationally, by connecting them to local groups, doctors, or cultural experiences. This fosters a sense of belonging and eases the transition.

Optimizing Your Relocation Program with CRI

By implementing effective relocation programs and partnering with an experienced RMC like CRI, companies can significantly improve the employee experience during relocation. This translates to a multitude of benefits. Reduced administrative burden frees up your HR teams to focus on core business functions, while CRI’s expertise and resources ensure efficient and cost-effective relocation solutions. Ultimately, a stress-free relocation experience fosters higher employee engagement, improves talent acquisition, and gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Ready to streamline your relocation process and reap these benefits? Contact CRI today for expert guidance and tailored relocation services designed to elevate your company’s program. Let our team navigate the complexities for you, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for your relocating employees.

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