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6 Reasons why having a managed relocation program attracts top-talent

1. Employees are on the move
People are moving out of high-density cities at staggering rates and their talents are going with them. A lot of high-potential candidates have already made the decision to leave, but are waiting for a job offer that includes managed relocation benefits before making the final decision on where they’ll call home next.

2. Online employment sites have filters for relocation benefits
Recruiters and talent acquisition teams are getting savvy and mentioning that relocation benefits will be offered right in the job title of their listing. This enables candidates who are willing to relocate for a job to filter opportunities that will support them in their transition.

3. Moving isn’t easy or fun
Imagine speaking to a “perfect candidate” who is apprehensive about relocating to take on a new role. Having a managed relocation solution alleviates a lot of stress and anxiety related to coordinating their own move, which may be underpinning their overall decision to accept the job offer.


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4. Candidate experience matters
Candidates are evaluating their potential employer just as much as you are evaluating them. By offering a managed relocation solution, you are proving to your candidates and employees that you care about their move experience as part of the overall onboarding process.

5. Talent isn’t always where it needs to be
With everything that’s going on in the world today, finding good talent has never been more difficult. Expanding your search for talent outside of your geographic footprint opens up opportunities for great talent you would have missed out on.

6. Consider the opportunity costs
If the price tag to move someone seems daunting, consider some of the costs associated with not being willing to move someone (i.e. extending the time it takes to fill a position, losing out on existing talent to competitors); it may end up costing MORE in the end.